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A community dedicated to stories, images, videos, discussions about people trapped in different situations like glue, quicksand, strange devices, sexy or humiliting costumes, tight spaces, etc.

This is a place to find and share those things.

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View the latest post Warnings, not the end of the world.

Hello, everyone.

You might notice sometime a member complains at the forums for receiving a WARNING. So I think is fair I explain about the subject.

We have hundreds of posts here with their respective responds making it a huge amount of comments and that is without counting the activity on the CHAT.

Once in a while there's a post that infringes the rules of the site or simply can be cataloged as improper behavior. That is when the warnings get handy.

It will be tough for us having to remember each separate incident for the last 10 years and locate the re-offender members. Each time we find someone causing trouble, ignoring advises from the administrators or simply having a non ethical behavior at the site, a WARNING will be issued.

If you get a warning, there must be accompanied with an explanation on the reason why you get it, now the big question:

What would happen if I get a Warning?

The warning is a flag for the site owner. It makes quicker to for him to locate conflicting posts, agitators, foul language use and other improper posts. He will then review it and decide if there will be action against the offender, leave the warning on or in the case he considers the flag unreasonable, delete the warning.

It is an administrative tool we ignore until last year. Now we can keep a record of re-offenders and separate them from casual infractors and normal members.

Can I get Banned due a Warning?

In most cases, No; However, depending on the seriousness of the offense, repeater offender or even the behavior shown after getting a Warning can get you banned if we consider is the case.

Can a Warning get deleted?

If the site owner considers it, Yes. Also a change of behavior can get it wipeout with time.

Old posts can get Warnings?

Yes. If we review your comment record and find improper year old or older posts; you can get a warning.

Now a final advice for everyone. If you post an improper comment at the forums and you don't want getting a Warning, edit the message. There's a small button at the top right corner where you can edit or delete your post. Once any of us locate an improper comment, there's no turning back. That is, even if you delete the post after getting a warning or you excuse yourself in your next post.

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